An unusual band of friends – a goblin, a tiefling, a shifter, a half-orc, and a gnome – leave their provincial homes amid the farmlands of the Harkenwold, on what seems to be a simple mission to retrieve a lost package from a waylaid caravan. But really, nothing’s ever so simple, is it?

Dramatis Personae

  • Ciro, a goblin rogue and wannabe crime lord
  • Thorn, a longtooth shifter warden, raised among the elves
  • Telia, a half-orc barbarian, refugee from an orc tribe far to the south
  • Barakas-Fel, a tiefling bard born to a wealthy merchant family
  • Alston, a gnome arcanist who joins the party in the town of Fallcrest


  • System: D&D 4th Edition
  • The Nentir Vale, and its environs

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What Happens in the Harkenwold...

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