What Happens in the Harkenwold...

Session Eight

Where were we?

Telia and Thorn remain outside.
Naerumar accepts the box as real.

Alston encounters Telia and Thorn in the yard. Is hired by the party.
Amulet of Alertness identified.

The party meets with Grundelmar, a priest of Pelor at Fallcrest’s House of the Sun.
He’s busy, and not willing to spend much time with people who aren’t helping out. He sends the party to bring some grain back from Lowtown.
While in Lowtown, the party is attacked by the local River Rats gang. The River Rats are defeated, but one survivor, a teenage half-elven girl, is brought back to Grundelmar to be cared for.

Grundelmar is now willing to speak with the party.
He doesn’t believe the party at first, but when their descriptions match up with his own memories of the Shadowfell and the Shadar-Kai, he realizes they’re telling the truth.

He tells them that they’ve clearly attracted the attention of someone powerful, who probably won’t quit until satisfied. They need to find out who this is and what they want if they are to have any hope of stopping the attacks.

He suggests that they speak with a mage in Nenlast. When he and Wisara were young adventurers, they guarded a caravan that delivered an obsidian mirror to a mage there. When a few of his cohorts made the mistake of looking into the mirror themselves, they were pulled into a place he believes to have been the shadowfell. Only he and Wisara returned alive. He believes that the mage who now owns this mirror will know more.

The party wants to bring the box with them, but they want to insulate it from scrying during the journey. Grundelmar suggests that Old Nimozoan in the Septarch’s Tower could build such a thing, but he advises that they not tell him what it’s for

The party then heads to the tower of the High Septarch to try to speak with Nimozoan. They manage to secure an audience.

After a protracted negotiation, Nimozoan agrees to build a dampening case for the Box, but wants 2,000gp for the job.
In lieu of the 2,000, he’ll accept an item of equal value from Naerumar, or a sealed promise of payment from House Naerumar.

The party doesn’t have any of these things – they give him 300gp worth of gems as a deposit, and promise to travel to the ruins of Fastormel to retrieve books and a scrying stone from the ruined mage’s tower there.

Nimozoan begins work on the dampener.


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