What Happens in the Harkenwold...

City Life

The party arrives at Fallcrest

  • As dusk falls, the party returns to their camp in the ruins, bringing the captured Karadas assassin with them. They bind her and take her armor, and Barakas begins his interrogation.
    • He’s careful, however, about the questions he asks, not wanting to reveal their ignorance of what the box they’re carrying might really be.
    • The assassin’s name, they learn, is Dhenia Varosh.
    • She is not herself a member of the Karadas family – she was hired for this job by Odesti Karadas.
    • Dhenia insists that the box rightfully belongs with the Karadas family, from whom it was stolen. “If you want to do the right thing,” she tells the party, “you’ll bring it back to Val Haran.”
    • After much debate, the party decides to release Dhenia. They keep her weapons and armor, give her a spare shirt to wear, and send her on her way.
      • Dhenia herself appears surprised by this move.
      • Shadykk approves of the choice.
  • The party makes their way to Fallcrest under a driving rain.
    • Entering through the mud-spattered streets of the lower town, they make their way, at Fel’s parents’ insistence, to the upper town and the Silver Unicorn Inn.
    • On their way to the bank, where the party intends to deposit the box, they are attacked by old friends of Ciro’s, led by the goblin, Gokluk, a street thug with delusions of being a mob boss of sorts.
      • Gokluk (whose name, by the way, means in Goblin “Blood spurting from a wound that will probably kill the guy but is going to take a while to do it.” It’s an onomatopoeic word intended to sound like someone choking on his own blood. Those goblins.) is killed in the battle.
      • The party sets the sole survivor of the battle, a junior street tough named Blugit, free with Ciro’s tophat, and instructions to tell his bosses that Ciro has been killed.
    • The party reaches the bank and deposits the box, paying extra for a binding spell that will allow only Barakas (alive, not dead) to reopen the deposit box holding it.
    • This having been done, they scour the hightown shops for a similar-enough-looking box, which they ultimately find, intending to pass it off to Naerumar as the box they’ve just hidden in the vault.
    • They then return to the Silver Unicorn for much-needed rest, intending to visit Orest Naerumar in the evening.

XP: 232 per party member.


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