What Happens in the Harkenwold...

Family Reunion

Barakas finds his grandmother and parents on the road

  • Dusk has fallen
  • Outside the Kruthik hive
  • Barakas is reunited with his grandmother, Shaddyk Fel.
    • Barakas shows her the box. She wants to know where he got it, looks concerned.
    • She doesn’t know what it is, but thinks it’s dangerous.
    • Suggests that someone may know what this is.
  • The party chooses to continue on through the night, and sets out along the King’s Road in search of Barakas’ parents.
    • They soon find them, under attack.
    • The party manages to rescue them, but the drake handler leading the attack escapes.
  • As dawn approaches, Barakas speaks further with his grandmother about the box.
    • The question is, who Naerumar wants to sell the box to.
    • Keep it quiet, she recommends, until they know.
  • While breaking camp from a ruin later on, they come under attack by a tiefling assassin, accompanied by animated shadow soldiers.
    • They manage to defeat their attacker and take her prisoner.


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