What Happens in the Harkenwold...

Session Nine

Where were we?

Party warns Naerumar that he needs to get out of town with his whole family. Naerumar agrees to take everybody to Hammerfast.
Sirett has disappeared.

The party retrieves the dampening case from Nimozoan, and heads to the bank to retrieve and encase the Box.

On their way back out of the bank, they are ambushed by small, dark-hooded creatures who disappear when killed.

The characters buy horses for the journey into the wilds.

  • Ciro: Lefty (A pony whose head tilts markedly to the left)
  • Telia: Bop (An unbroken stallion, sold at a discount because the stablemaster believes he can’t be broken)
  • Barakas: Hansl (A white palfrey. Pretty much what you’d expect a bard to ride)
  • Thorn: Cauliflower (Another wild-looking horse, obviously recently caught and untrained)
  • Alston: Fimbulwinter


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