What Happens in the Harkenwold...

To Grandmother's House We Go...

...where is everybody?

  • The party returns to Barakas’ house, only to find it dark and empty; food still burning in a pot over the fireplace, a book thrown haphazardly to the floor.
  • Examining the book, Barkasrecognizes it as a Tiefling fairy tale he remembers from his childhood; a story about a family forced to flee by its enemies. He takes it as a signal from his parents that they have fled.
  • Ciro, meanwhile, checks in the tavern, but his attempts to talk to the locals are rebuffed. Nobody wants to talk to the goblin.
  • A Kalashtar cleric named Jane is here in the tavern, and she speaks with Ciro telepathically, ultimately learning of his quest and offering to help.
  • The party rejoins Ciro, and they head to Barakas’ grandmother’s house to see what they can learn.
  • This house, like the previous, is dark and abandoned, but as the party approaches, they are attacked by a tiefling mage and his imps.
  • Once the wizard and his minions have been defeated, the party searches the house for clues.
  • Leafing through a book of Tiefling history, Barakas learns of the Karadas family, long ago disgraced for summoning devils into the city. The family’s actions were uncovered and halted by Barakas’ own inquisitor ancestors.
  • The party finds an Animal Messenger ritual among the grandmother’s library as well.
  • Following a pair of tracks leading from the house into the woods, the party discovers a cave concealed behind a rockfall, into which the tracks apparently lead.
  • It soon becomes clear that one of the tracks has deliberately backtracked, in an apparent attempt to mislead the other.
  • The cave turns out to be an active Kruthik hive, and the party is attacked by the swarm.
  • After a difficult fight, the party emerges victorious, and follows one of the tracks to an egg chamber, where the badly mutilated body of a tiefling is found.
  • The party finds a Shadow Hunter Cloak on the body.
  • Following the other tracks back out of the cave, the party sees that they lead further into the woods.


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