What Happens in the Harkenwold...

Into the Woods

Allies and enemies...

  • An elf named Petrus accuses the party of leading goblin reavers to the elf camp.
  • The party convinces the elves to allow them to prove themselves by ambushing goblins at a river crossing in the forest.
  • Petrus accompanies the party, and the ambush successfully wipes out the goblin band.
  • Two goblins are captured: Stoneskull, the leader of the band, and Garuthik, a soldier.
  • Stoneskull gives the party more information about the slave parties
    • they’re capturing elves and taking them to a location in the Witchlight Fens, where strangely dressed humans buy them and load them onto boats for travel south.
    • A hobgoblin called Brach- a major crime boss in the Daggerburg territories, runs the operation from his keep.
      • He ordered the attack on the Fel family’s caravan as well, but Stoneskull doesn’t know much about that.
      • Ciro gives the goblin soldier his “you can be more than just a goblin” speech.
  • The party dispatches an elf messenger back to Harken Village to tell Barakas’ family about the cave, the package, Brach’s involvement, their elf allies, and the party’s intention to investigate the cave.
  • The party returns to the caravan to find it as they left it.
  • They make their way to the dusty, root-choked cave entrance, clearly once a large animal’s burrow, and find a small, elaborately carved box inside.
  • Barakas inspects the box, and attempts to use his psionic ability to learn more about it. When he does, he falls into a trance, and feels as though something is entering his mind, pressing on it. Then suddenly, it’s gone, and everything’s back to normal.
  • Until they touch the box.
  • Incorporeal forms swirl through the dust surrounding them and attack. Three specters attack them, and Thorn and Barakas are rendered unconscious and nearly killed.
  • Miraculously, Barakas and Thorn, seemingly dead, are nursed back to health after the fight has been won.
  • As evening falls, the party returns to Harken Village to deliver the package to Fel’s family.
  • But they’re not there.


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